Bankruptcy Law



Woolf & Nachimson, LLP possesses over 27 years in handling matters ranging from complex business reorganizations to personal bankruptcy filings. Our spectrum of clients is broad, having represented small and middle market businesses, multinational financial institutions, Chapter 7 bankruptcy trustees, and individuals.  Experience on all sides of the bankruptcy process allows us to see the entire playing field and provides us a unique perspective to help our clients achieve their goals.

On Behalf of Debtors, our experience includes:

  • Filing Chapter 7 petitions;
  • Administering Chapter 11 Reorganizations;
  • Conducting and completing out of Court workouts and restructurings;
  • Conducting Assignments for the Benefit of Creditors; and
  • Defending Debtors against actions to determine non-dischargeability of their debt; .

On Behalf of Creditors, our experience includes:

  • Representing purchasers of distressed assets in Section 363 sales; 
  • Defending creditors against fraudulent transfer and preference avoidance actions brought by Chapter 7 bankruptcy trustees and Chapter 11 debtors-in-possession;
  • Prosecuting adversarial actions on behalf of creditors for the exception to the dischargeability of debt;
  • Representing clients in enforcing loan agreements, promissory notes, leases, and other credit obligations; and 
  • Representing creditors in the recovery of personal property and/or the foreclosure of upon real property resulting from the default of any judgment or credit obligation.

In representing creditors, Woolf & Nachimson, LLP places special emphasis on: 

  • Pursuing prejudgment remedies to secure our clients’ rights leverage; 
  • Inducing early settlement; and 
  • when appropriate, the use of alternative dispute resolution.

Woolf & Nachimson, LLP is always candid about informing clients when a case is weak or recovery is unlikely.